Hello I'm Caitlin and this is my little corner of the web! I post my interests, creations, and thoughts! I've been meaning to make a more centeral point for all of my art and intrests so here it is! (hopefully) Thanks for checking out my site!

I kinda missed the whole personal website scene so why not join decades later. While I have/use other social media this will be my dumping ground for assorted hobbies, projects, and thoughts that I don't feel like spamming twitter with. Lemme know what you think!

Some pages are still a work in progress. I'm still learning html/css so beware of broken/missing links, awkward spacing, and whatever else. This website is also made and edited on chrome so good luck to moblie users. Below is my uodate log so check back to see what's new!!

Update Log

05.07.23 - New Blog entry

04.28.23 - Fiber Arts Club and Alien Roommates OC pages made

04.08.23 - Crochet Gallery update, New Blog Post

02.27.23 - New Blog entry, Thoughts on Yakuza Babysitters

02.18.23 - New Blog Post

02.10.23 - Nintendo Direct thoughts

01.27.23 - Currently playing... and Media log

12.31.22 - New Game log page with Top games of 2022 and 2023 Releases, New Blog Entry

12.21.22 - Updated layouts for crochet gallery and charlie and friends

12.16.22 - New Blog entry

11.27.22 - New Blog entry, other misc code clean up

11.20.22 - New art pages: animal girls, charlie, Misc art updates

11.18.22 - New Blog Entry

11.06.22 - New Blog Entry, New pages - Vide games and ACNH

10.28.22 - New Blog Entry

10.22.22 - Crochet log, New Recipe

10.09.22 - New blog entry

10.05.22 - Home page update, New blog entry, added recipe page

09.27.22 - Added Hobbies page, New FO in Crochet Gallery,Updated links page, new blog entry

09.25.22 - Added Links page, created a banner, new blog entry

09.24.22 - Added Art page, New Crochet resources, updated themes

09.23.22 - Blog theme update, new blog entry, added guestbook