Thoughts on current things I'm watching or reading. Spoilers ahead!

It's Just a Dream...Right?! (18+) 8.13.23

So, I started following this sometime in season 3. I saw a TikTok feature some bits of the early chapters, and thought the art style was cute. I do really like the art style. I feel like the cover art doesn't really represent it well, but its super cute! The story follows Ibeom, the shaman, and Jungoh, his assistant, and their adventures in other people's dreams. People can also get curses/nightmare seedlings that can only be fixed by acting out their desires or an exorcism. At least that what I got/remember. Of course this is bl and 18+, so, Ibeom has a sexy nightmre seedling that makes him horny and needs to fuck it out. Over the course of the story we follow Jungoh and Ibeom hooking up and helping others with their nightmare seedlings. I think my favorite lil side story was the snow day one with the old man. It was cute seeing them being domestic. There are a lot of cute and funny moments that are suppose to be cute and funny. There are also some dumb, but that most romance/bl have. One thing I did not care for was the short amnesia arc. I don't always hate amnesia tropes, but it did make me cringe a lil when it happened. It does short it's self out, but it was short it was like what's the point? I guess to show something about their love, but I almost wish they had a bit more time to fall back in love or cut it. If they cut it they could still have Ibeom meet and hang out with Jungoh's friends. The only other complaint is the weird step brother not romance romance.The author claims it wasn't romantic it was just family drama, but it could go either way. I thought it was romantic, but nothing happened so eh. Other than that, those are my two complaints I can think of. It's mostly a cute anf fluffy romp with sex scenes. I'm not really gonna comment on the sex scenes, but the artist does get a bit creative. I am excited for some side stories/extra content with these guys and the artist's future works!

I think it a pretty fun read! I reccommend if you want a fun fluffy smutty read. Some of it is kinda dumb, but most romance has to be a lil dumb. Reminder this is 18+

Love Stage!! 07.15.2023

#backonmybullshit So, I guess I'll start with my history with Love Stage!! I remember when Love Stage!! was ongoing and reading as each chapter came out when I was too young to be reading this, but fell off before it got completed. Then like last year(?), I found out it got an anime in like 2014(and the manga completed) and ended up watching all of it. It's not great. I remember it being cuter and liking the art style more, but some shots look so ugly. Theres a lot a long more sexual assault and brocon then I remember. Aside from that, it is fun turn your brain off romance. As long as you don't think past surface level it's fun. Its very childish with the characters being super tropey, lack of growth, and so on. It feels very beat for beat famous/celeb romance stories. Y'know one of the main couple is super famous and the other is a rookie, they work together once, one catches feels, they reconnect, photo/dating scandel, they end up together, and whatever. I mean it works and can be a good setup, but I feel like Love Stage!! could have done a bit more esp since Izumi is a nerd. A big plot point was having him make his show biz debut and I wish they made his debut in the anime/manga/nerd scene instead of the normie scene. I know they make a big deal that he has trauma from acting, so, why now have him voice an anime charcter or something. Or do cosplay shit for that dumbass magical girl anime he loves. I feel like Izumi would still have been shy to debut, but partly due to meeting his favs. It would also be fun to have him report to is manga club about inside scoops due to his work. I feel like it would have been cute if Izumi and Ryouma where in different "fields" and had more of a focus of them finding the balance of dating and working instead of what ended up happening in the show. Maybe the manga does, but I doubt it. Besides how could they sneak off and fuck if they were in different fields. I did see that there is a memory loss like arc or something in the manga which like wtf.

Anyways, I liked Izumi I thought he was cute and def reltable to a cringey younger me. I wish Ryouma had a bit more of personailty than just being in love with Izumi, but it is a bl from the 2010s. I did enjoy it a bit even if I spent more time thinking "this is so fucking stupid." I'm surpised with the amount of adaption this has tho it has the source manga, the anime, a JPN movie, and a Thai drama. I didn't realize it was that big. I can only recommend if you like 2000-10s bl like Junjou Romatica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Really Love Stage!! does feel like a spiritual(?) sequel. The entertainment industary setting, sexual assault, the lil character mascots, and whatever else I'm forgetting.

Now Loading...! 07.02.2023

Lately the Half-Priced books around me, have a decent section of yuri(and BL) manga. So, I've slowly been hoarding and finally started reading them starting with Now Loading...! To be honest this was very boring. It was a single vol so I don't know what I was expecting, but nothing really happens. I was hoping more with the game dev setting. It would have been cute if the girls bonded more over games other than "wow you work so hard at your job!" or "I like playing games on my phone esp my coworker's game!" None of the characters really have much to them either. One likes lolita fashion, one is dumb, and so on. I can't really remember much past their trope or whatever. I don't mind tropey shit, but this one didn't really grab me. The main couple doesn't have much for me to root for them partly for being bland and for lack of interaction. I also don't care for the protags design I like her gfs much more lmao. She's just generic moe is a bad way. Like the one kisses the other early on and then they dont talk to each other then go on a date and are a couple. To be honest, I liked the side couple a lil more since they had history and the shy x dumb. I still think its cute and great turn your brain off fluff, but its so by the numbers.

Semantic Error 06.12.2023

So, this is the first kdrama I've finished! Back in high school a friend was a kpoppie and was super into drama and I tried watching one then.But I never finished it. I can't remember the name, but I remember the girl working in a blue nurse/maidish uniform and rode a scooter and kinda clumsy. Part of me wants to try and watch it if I could remember the name. Anyways, I usually don't watch live action stuff esp romance, but Semantic Error was cute!

I didn't read the manhwa before watching or yet so I went in blind. I love the more silly/goofy x stoic/serious couples/pairings. I think Jae-young tho is my favorite hes such an ass, but a hot ass. I also liked the gorls Ji-hye(she's so cute) and Yu-na and wish they ended up getting together/at least interacting. I wish i had more to say, but it was only eight episodes and not gonna lie a lil slow(?). I feel like not a lot happened, but I don't know hot to put it into words. I don't want to say its bad or boring and since I don't watch dramas I don't know if thats just how they are y'know. It might feel lacking due to people hyping it up on TikTok. Anyways, I enjoyed it and hope it gets a season 2!

I don't know if I'll read the manhwa since the artstyle is kinda not my thing, but I do want to see more of these characters. I think the main thing is I don't like how Jae-young is drawn mostly his actor in the drama is so sexy hes kinda meh in the manhwa.

Shiny Happy People 06.02.2023

Uhhhhh I originally made this secion only for anime and manga, but then thought dramas couldn't be too out of place. So, a lil out of place, but I don't want to make a seperate sections for manga, manhwa, anime, dramas, etc. Also, its my stupid lil blog.

Anyways, recently I've been learning about different weird Christain fundie/fundie adjancent. I grew up in the Bible belt, but my family didn't really practice anything other than Chirstmas and Easter egg hunts. Unfortunately, I ended up rooming with some weird Chirstains in college(Hillsong fuckers, Duggar fans, Christain influcer watchers). nyways this is a long story of I started watching Fundie Fridays and other Christain/fundie cult documentaries. I knew of the Duggars in passing and from FF so I was interesting how the doc was going to go into. I wish it had Institute in Basic Life Principles(IBLP) in the title. The subtile of Duggar secrets makes it seem more gossipy than it was. I hope it gets another season and goes more into the other fundie groups that are splitered off/similar Christain cults. I also wonder what some of the vile shit Paul and Morgan said that there were crying that didn't get included in the doc. To be honset another season with a section dedcided to these "Christain influencers" since they love saying the quiet part outloud. So, this doesn't get twisted I don't hate Christains or whatever.

The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting 02.27.2023

I finished this a few weeks ago but forgot to write about it here lol. Very cute series! I watched the anime and haven't touched the manga, but again very cute! I hope it gets another season. I usually don't care for anime children, but the kiddos in here weren't annoying like others. It was also cute seeing all the bad boys try to impress the little girl while she didn't really care. Uhhh I did like it a lot, but its been too long to have anymore thoughts on it other than I want Kirishima and Sugihara to kiss lmao.

I am kinda curious about some of the more one-off characters tho. Like the dude that was collecting intel and the guy that got released from jail. I might try reading the manga since it is a cute and light.

Sasaki and Miyano 01.27.2023

Lately its seems the only anime series I can finish are romance/BL series. I started it since I saw comps of the dub on TikTok and it's really cute! I typically avoid high school settings, since I'm getting older, but I finished the whole series in a day. It was cute seeing their relationship grow and all of Miyano's friends try and cheer them on, but also give them time. I liked the anime so much I started the manga too. I really like the art style everyone is super cute. Tho sometimes the faces can be a lil goofy and they aren't free of yaoi hands. I started reading yesterday and I'm already on vol 5...I also want to read the spin off since that looks cute too, but I heard that one could be angsty or something. It was cute seeing their few interactions animated though. I am excited for the anime film coming out next month! Found the perfect time to get into the series I guess. Def reccommend If you want a custey romance. Maybe once I'm caught up (in like an hour) I'll give more thoughts or after the movie comes out.