Blogging about daliy life. Sorry for typos


hewwo its been a while :3c

School has started back up and we wrapped up full week 3. I have a full class this year which isn’t bad, but can be a lot esp since some of these kids need one-on-ones. There’s a lot more behaviors compared to last year too. It’s not bad, but again it can be a lot. I have a few kids that only eat a small handful of items, have very particular routines, and so on. Aside from that I am enjoying the school year. It’s nice seeing some of my coworkers and friends again. Thinking about it now I have a bunch of paperwork I have to do at the start of the year, but that means I can chill more of the year.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post(and dream entry that I’m still putting off lol) in a WHILE, but was either doing paperwork or just forgot about it. With all the shit going on with twitter/x I have been posting more on my tumblr. Since that has a longer text limit I’ve been rambling on there instead of here. I was going to copy and paste some of it here, but that seems a lil dumb/too much. It is nice rambling on tumblr tho. It brings me back to high school when I’d talk more on there and interact with my friends, especially since one of them came back recently. Looking at my theme it shows I really need to update it or find a new one...

Recently I’ve been trying to get back into gaming. I go thru periods of playing a lot and then nothing. I was bouncing backing to TOTK, but I’m just out of the tutorial. I like the game, but I’m just not in the mood for it It also feels like everything breaks faster which is ass. Last night I remember the Atelier series existed again and when down a rabbit hole of looking up the ops and them of trying them again. I have Lydie & Suelle and Ryza 1. I didn’t get far in Ryza, but I’ve made some decent progression in L&S. It just that they aren’t dubbed so I have to make sure I am pay attention. I was thinking of picking up some of the older games either from Arland or Sophie. I’m holding off since I’ll be picking up Fashion Dreamer and I know I’ll be playing that nonstop. Tho don’t be surprised If I pick them up anyway. Thinking of Atelier I also remember the Luminous Arc series. They are SRPGs but they also ad an opening movie and cute anime girls. I had both 1 and 2 and never beat either of them. I ended up trading them in, but I found the roms online and started replaying them. Hopefully I’ll get thru them but I started with the first game. It hitting all of that fantasy anime from the 2000’s that I have been craving. I have two fantasy groups of ocs that are inspired by older rpgs and anime so it’s nice going back into that media again. Tho for some of the games I’ve been looking toi revisit it might be a long play or the anime ver.

I have been crocheting a bit, but recently I’ve had some wrist pain so I’m on bit of a break/light duty. I need to finish a baby blanket by October which isn’t bad. I’ve also started a bunch of project. I wanted some sweaters and cardigans to have by winter, but I don’t know if its gonna happen. I should have started them sooner or make winter stuff in summer and summer stuff in winter. I’ve also started a granny square blanket for myself, a star pillow, sweater vest, and countless other wips. I do have a few more I’m gonna start tho I really want a hexagon granny cardigan and more bandanas soooo. They will get finished sometime. I plan to spend most of Monday crocheting and cleaning. I also decided I’m going to try and pick up knitting again! I picked up some self patterning yarn that looked really cool so hopefully it works out. I mean I can knit like a rectangle, so, it will be nice to expand what I can do.

Part of cleaning was dealing with my kpop albums. I wait to rip all of my albums at once and so I’ve got quite the collection this month. It doesn’t help that Half Price Books had a 20% off sale so I got even more. With NCT’s Baggie Jeans I have decided I need more of their shit. Also I link all of NCT and their extended universe together dream, 127, and the others I forgot. If you need a chart to understand the subunits its too much. I know not all of their music sounds like that but I mean they have Sticker and 2Baddies. I love unserious kpop so much. Even tho I don’t collect every album variant, I am running out of space. There’s only a few groups I want to try and collect all of them albums TXT(I did including jp releases o.o), TWICE and maybe SEVENTEEN. There are other groups I like but they are mostly single releases like NMIXX or are so new they don’t Have much out New Jeans, Place, LE SSERAFIM. Most of my collection is 2nd hand which I don’t feel as bad, but I still don’t want to think of the amount of money I’ve spent on CDs. I mean just thinking of the release I have on the way(ordered or releasing soon) like Plave’s Mini album, SEVENTEEN’s JP album and new cb coming soon, TXT’s cb next month. Now I want to listen to NCT and friends, so, their new album. Since I have been picking up new albums I had to order another photocard binder too. I don’t care too much about collecting cards, but it is fun getting a new album and seeing all of the goodies or getting one of your favs. I did pick up books from Half Price Book sometimes. Mostly Manga or crochet/knitting books. My favorite things to waste money on are yarn, kpop albums, and stuffed animals.

Uuuuh I’ve been drawing a bit and posting dumps on tumblr. I really need to revamp my art and oc sections. They are so old and outdated. Maybe by the next long weekend I’ll remember want fix it up. Maybe I’ll just have it redirect to my oc rambles tumblr since I change my mind so much since updating here is a lot for me at times... Also, with updates I haven’t been watching that much. I still need to finish Bocchi and have created a long to watch/read list due to me not finishing the last 4 episodes. Tho I think I’m gonna start Given or a trashy BL. Theres a few other romance series I’ve also been looking at like Skip to Loafer, Loving Yamada-kun Lv999, Bloom into You, and something else I’m forgetting. Tho with this craving for fantasy anime I’ve been been tempted to get back to Slayers or finding something else fun. It’s not like I don’t like Bocchi. I just have a hard time finishing most shows I get to the last ep or last season and then it takes me forever to get thru it. Since It’s Just a Dream...Right? Ended I’ve been debating starting Jinx since it still plagues my FYP. I was thinking of starting TXT’s webtoon but the artstyle is a lil fugly. I also still have the manga I bought and haven’t read yet.

I guess even with the word count on tumblr I miss just having a place to ramble. I’m trying to be better with my typos and shit so I’m typing this in google docs and its almost 2 pages... Uhh final notes. Hopefully I remember this place exists and update it more if not check out my tumblr since I’m more active on there now.


Hehehe Its been a while. Uh Schools out and I've mostly just been cleaning, buying dumbshit online, crocheting, and doodling. I've finished a few projects, but they aren't really blog worthy (water bottle holders, basic bucket hat, and something else I forgot). The one thing that is blog worthy I don't know how how feel since its one of thoe lil crochet tops. We will see lol. I also recently finished another panel for my Isabelle vest so I'll hopefully finish it before summer break is up. I've been trying to be good and finish my current projects but the list of projects I want to start keeps growing...

Even tho I haven't been posting much of my art online anymore I do have some stuff I need up update on hereee. I'm typing this as a reminder to do it lmao. I keep bouncing between some different oc stories, but I keep doing massive rewrites so I don't want to type it all up here and then have to change it all a week later lmao. I've also been having problems with my surface pen staying connected and working so its been annoying. I also kinda want to redo my oc pages, but since I bounce from them so much and would rather draw them then suffer with coding lmao. I think I need to just look at coding to actually make them look how they look in my brain.

Aside from oc pages to mke I've been debating on making a page for kpop/my albums lmao. I've always collected CDs, but Kpop CDs have so much since and the point is to collect them. I'd also write up which are my favs, songs, merch, etc. I also thought of just doing my entire CD collection. I'm still 50/50 since it would be annoying finding/making good pics of my albums since I now have a hefty collection. I also thought of doing my photocards since there are google drive dumps of most groups, again its a lot of work... I might just make a page that list my fav groups and what albums I have and why I like them. To be honset I'm not a super fan since for even the groups I like I don't know all of the member(or how many member they have) I just like pop music, pretty people, and goofy dances lmao. I don't even collect every variation since whats the point of having the same 6 songs like 3 times lmao. I know a few people on neocities have collection pages so I thought it would be fun to have one! Other things I've been collecting have been random lil blind box plushies. Maybe I'll just make catch all collection page and only include pics of my faves/special vers.

Uhhh I need a new romance show to watch I'm debating on Starting Skip and Loafer, Wotakoi, or another kdrama...


Looking at the last date I was so tempted to wait a day so it would be a month apart, but I would forget lmao. Anyways, we are in the last month of school so I have a lot of paperwork at the end of the month but then I'll be free! The last few weeks of work have been rough. We've changed staff in my room so I went from having someone who would show up everyday to some one who shows up maybe twice a week. To be honest I'm just coasting til June. The other day was my birthday and now I'm 24! I had to stay til 7:30pm for workon my birthday, but it was still better than the rest of the week (still a shitty week overall tho). It's also the first birthday without my mom so just meh. I went on a solo shopping trip and got some new clothes and kpop albums(LE SSERAFIM and Seventeen).My car stereo goes in and out, but it started working again so it was nice to jam out to new cds. I am so sad I did not get those heart Vernon photocards. I don't even care about pc, but I want those Vernon ones so FUCKING BAD. I've also ordered/gifted some new video games! I preordered Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, Needy Streamer Overdose, and Coffee Talk. My backlog is so large I need to start playing esp since Fantasy Life i, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, and Fashion Dreamer will be day ones. I've been having wrist pain from crocheting so hopefully I'll work on my backlog.

Speaking of wrist pain, I've been on and off crocheting. I finished the back panel of my Isabelle Cardigan, but I've been making slow progress due to wrist pain and starting new projects. I did start one of the front panels so hopefull soon I'll get back to it. I also bought and started the Wisteria Pillow. I finished the front and started the back, but again I took a break since I kept fucking up the stitch count. I did start and finish a crab rangoon amigurumi for a friend for his birthday lol. He saw one on tiktok so I freehanded one for him. it looks stupid as hell but I hope he likes it. I've also been making those lil sprout headphones/cable holders that have been trending on tiktok. I made one for my headset and another for my other pair. I still wanna make one for my friend and his girlfriend but I'm worried about them not fitting, so, thats on hold. My wrist has been hurting a lot lately even with stretching, wearing my brace, and compression glove. I think its due to drawing, crocheting, and typing for work so :/. Hopefully with the school year ending the summer my wrist will be back lol

It probs doesn't help I've been drawing a lot. I've made some new ocs about aliens. Still a big wip page and in gernal, but I have some art of them up! I've also been drawing some old ocs 1 2. 1 has some ooooold ocs they are lil monster boys a harpy, dragon dude, and a centaur guy, but its all shittly cropped since its still too sketchy and my alien dudes. 2 has my fairy girlfriends. Maybe I'll try and get my fantasy oc page(s) up since I've been thinking of them a lot. Tho I might think of redoing my oc page set up due to having so many of them and they all aren't totally related. I've been drawing a bunch of doodle dumps of ocs that I need to figure out how I want to post them lmao. I want to try and make a short lil vn with some of these guys or a lil interactable rpg maker world this summer. Something small and a lil goofy. I also want to fix up my oc pages since they are all kinda fucky lmao. I started a tumblr for just oc rambles I'll link once I get a bit more on there. I was/am using google docs for writing oc stuff, but I like using the blog to post pics and it I have random thoughts I can post on there and access easier on my phone. Really its becoming full circle since in high school I use to only draw fantasy/monster people and post thm on my art tumblr blog lol. After I finish my Isabelle cardigan I want to try and crochet some doll of them or sew some plushies of them. I would love to scuplt lil figures or make custom figures of them, but I dont have the space for another hobby and I need to use up my yarn.

Anyways, I'm ready for summer break to just goof off and crochet and hopefully work on this place more.


hehehe It's been a awhile! Kinda forgot about here and lost drive on this front. I really want to overhaul this place, but I'm lazy and still don't really know more than the bare minuimum. Maybe someday... Aside from that work has been hectic losts of changes, reports, and even more to come. I am in the last stretch tho only 2 more months then summer break! It's been so long I'm trying to think of exciting things that I could talk about on here....I did finish my O'Go Sweater! Hopefully I'll get pics up soon, but it turned out super cute! I also just got Crochetbyak Isabelle cardigan pattern to make a vest for an Isabelle cosplay/costume for halloween next year. I have a few other projects I have in mind I want to start and got a new pattern book. Maybe I'll type up a lil review once I make a few things out of it.

This week was my spring break so I did a whole bunch of nothing other than like 2 days. I've tidyed up my apartment a bit, but she still needs a lot of work. I did get my visit my friend and we had some good eats. We went to a hotpot and Korean BBQ place which was fun esp being my first time. Both are good, but I think I like Hotpot more. We also did a bunch of shopping so that paycheck before break is gone...ANYWAYS I got some new manga I'm excited to start. I want to try and use my phone less and I miss reading so, I'm hoping to read a few chapter on my lunch break instead of scrolling on tiktok or twitter. I crochet a book sleeve manga sized even. I ended up picking up Wotakoi (romance, nerd shit), Run Away with Me Girl (started on a manga app already lol), Hirano To Kagiura (its the novel, but I have caught up to the manga) and I feel like there is something else. I also have some other random volumes I bought earlier in the year. Of course not all of these will make it to work to varying reasons, but I hope to get my reading back up like in middle school. I've also been spending my money on kpop albums... I don't care for collecting photocards or the stan culture I just like listening to pop music. My friend is a kpoppie and since I like kpop adjcent things its been bleeding thru anyway. I use to listen to Girls Generation and Wonder Girls as a kid tho so really its full circle.

Other new things I started is the Extraordinary Attorney Woo! I'm partly thru episode one since I didn't realize the episodes are so long, but its cute so far! def will be my show to curl up and crochet to after work. I also want to start Skip to Loafer since that looks cute and I guess I only like romance lol. I also picked up Sun Haven which is a Rune Factory like(farming sim with fantasy elements). I've been playing a co-op farm with some friends and it's been fun! I like the main plot giving me drive to keep playing and I really need to make a solo save. I think iot recently got out of beta or early acess or whatever so I'm excited to see where the devs go with it. IT also gives me Littlewood vibes with more action. I need to get back to Rune Factory 5 and AINI or any of my switch games.

I have been doodling on and off and I have new ocs I kinda wasnt to finalize their designs and try and get a page sorted for them. I've also been reworking a lot of my ocs too. A lot of them were inspired by the media I liked at the time fantasy or going on a big adventure coming of age shit I don't interact with a much anymore. I still love fantasy and adventure, but now I like the more mundane running a lil shop or friends hanging out. I noticed that of the shows I start they are more slice of life even if there are fantasy/scifi/out there elements the main part I enjoy is the mandane interactions so I'm dialing a of them them back. Not like I had a big fantasy epic I'm throwing out, but I did have hopes for something more. I think tumblr(more like the cartoon "critical" bloggers I followed this is a bigger can of worms I don't want to get into right now lmao) also my brain into thinking you have to "say something" with your ocs and shit. Which I get, but not everyone needs to be the next I don't even know whats seen as good 2deep4you media anymore. Maybe I'm also scared of it being too corny or edgy or soap boxy lmao. Also, it wasn't fun. Maybe once I actually make some comics or whatever I'll try to make something deeper or more interesting, but I kinda just want to have my lil guys just fucking around and hanging out. I guess it would be more realistic anyway if I want to actually make something since I have the writing skills of a 9th grader if I'm lucky. Anyways! I love my lil meow meows and hope to make some shit with them soon either being comics, vns, plushies, etc. I really want to try and make a vn, but thats a lot of writing and to read a few more to before I start on that. Kinda word vomit, but I've been having fun playing with my ocs again even if I'm not posting about them.

I feel like you could make a bingo board on my blog posts. Rambles about crocheting, trying new food, bitching that the site needs work yet does nothing, rambles or bitches about some art related thing/topic. I just need to bounce back and hopefully new things will be on here lmao. Maybe I'll actually use my rambles/rants page for this shit. Anyway, I wanted to pop on since I'd get sad seeing websites not update for months and wonder where they went or what happened. Answer a bunch of nothing, but maybe I'll remember to fuck around on here again.


I had a fun past weekend! I hung out with some friends. I had some Korean fried chicken and it was soooo good I got the curry flavor. I also tried Tteokbokki for the first time! Also, very good lol. Other than that, I've been mostly crocheting and drawing. I started crocheting a sweater! Hopefully I'll actually finish. I'm using some random o'go yarn so i hope I have enough...I might go and try and find one or two more skiens since I'm also just kinda free handing it. I wouldn't mind if its a lil cropped tho. I've also been drawing up some ocs and will hopefully update my oc pages. I know I still need to update the galleries for all pages, but I'm tired of typing after writing up bio, typing up paperwork at school, and just staring at a screen in general. Hopefully some better updates here soon.

I had to stay late due to a tornado watch. It actually touched down and was heading towards us which was kinda scary, esp the area I work in had a tornadao that really fucked up the area a few years ago. We were fine and I was able to drive home! ITs still super windy and rainy, but no major damage I saw.

Anyways! I hope to actually get motivation to work on this site again lmao. I bounce between crocheting, drawing, here, and video games I guess. Crochet and drawing being my favorites tho... I think once I fix up my ocs I'll have some nicer pages and be a bit more excited to playaround on here. I have some fantasy characters and my crochet girls I think will be the next pages I want to work on. I have some rough ref sheets for a few of the crochet girls so maybe sooner than later.


It's been a minute! I guess the content I'd usually put into blog posts have moved elsewhere which I don't hate. I also have been spending time typing up some oc stuff and be too tired to type more lol. Hopefully I'll be able to post about some of my characters soon! I made a lil post on tumblr so if you want to read a lil bit there ya go. Lately I've haven't been doing much other than watching anime, typing up oc outlines and bios, work, and scrolling on tiktok. I do want to spend some time fixes this place up or at least finish fixing up the gallery features on my art/oc pages. I'm still too embarrassed to post more about my ocs on here/in general, but soon this will be mental illness central. I did end up going to IKEA today about bought some boring houseware stuff.

Instead of finishing/catching up to anime I've started already I started two new series! I watched and finished The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting. It was super cute! I remember seeing the clip of Them playing red light, green light on tumblr, but didn't actually watch the series til now. I love found family, badass grump and cute ball of sunshine duo, and appartently delinquent related characters. Sasaki to Miyano had the delinquent character even tho it was mostly in looks than actual bad boys. Anyways, I'll type up more thoughts soon under my media log hopefully. I also want a season 2 and for kirishima and Sugihara to kiss lmao. The other show I've been slowly trying to keep up with is Buddy Daddies. I didn't say it earlier, but I have been watching both these shows dubbed so the BD dub is a few eps behind causing me to have a reason to be behind lmao. Anyways, the show is fun! I think Miri is annoying tho. I usually don't care for child characters and shes just annoying esp how shes just shouting all the time. It's funny tho that the voice actress voices both Miri and Yaeka tho and I liked Yaeka a lot more. Part of me is trying to keep up is to see if they are going to pull an Yuri on Ice and actually make it gay. Apparently, in the newst ep theres the bi flag colors, Kazuki talks about moving on from his dead wife or something, and him smiling at Rei with some other subtexty lines. I don't think its gonna happen or it will stay vague, but I want to be there if it happens lmao. I never watched Yuri on Ice, but I do remember it going down on tumblr. BD is fun turn your brain off tv tho and has been great for when I'm drawing. I wonder how it will end and if It will get another season/more or if it will be forgotten. Now I just need the yuri ver. Where is the lesbian couple taking care of a child while they have to balance their work life crime related or naw. The straights have SPY X FAMILY, mlm have Buddy Daddies, we need the wlw to complete the trinity. I'm also dying for the Sasaki to Miyano movie and short to uploaded online!

I also picked up Rune Factory 5 today! After I finish typing this up I'm gonna start it. I kept going back and forth picking it up based on reviews/performance, but I don't care anymore lmao. One nice surprise tho is that they had an actual game booklet in there tho! I felt like a kid again flipping through it and it was just the standard retail ver! I hope Fantasy Life i gets a lil booklet it would be so cute. I ended up canceling my Symponia copy due to it being shipped late and losing interest in the game. I ended up spoiling myself on the while plot and the weird slavery thing kinda pushed me off. I played the Tales of Arise demo recently and would rather pickthat up or find a copy of Abyss. I've also been playing Aini on and off and Plate Up with some friends. That's all I can think of with video game related stuff.


I haven’t done much over winter break and its almost up lol. I did draw and crochet a bit. I also played some video games and that's about it! I have coded a bit on here but not as much as I thought I would. I’m tempted to use those coding programs so I don't have empty pages waiting for content, but idk if I care that much. This is a personal blog not a professional website and I don’t care about being famous online like I did as a teen. Also, I might not remember to fill them out if I don’t have them there. Also, also, I am going by a different name, Caitlin! I still like Ken(ette) and don't care if you call me either or. I wasn't going to address it at first since you can be as anon as you want on here, but with this site being my main hub I kinda have to. Blending more of my IRL and online spaces so be nice lol.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! I spent xmas with my Dad and his side of the family which was nice. Bought a lot of gifts for myself lol but it was a pretty uneventful holiday season. I survived the winter storm which meant staying inside all day eating soup, watching youtube or sleeping lol.

Goals for 2023

I was going to make a bulleted list, but I think it will be easier to ramble instead. I want to work more on my OCs. Art/drawing wise I’ve been pretty lackluster. I’ve been on the decline but with my Mom dying early in the year I’ve just been feeling like shit. It also didn’t help with my crazy ex roommate somehow blaming me for all her problems even tho she spent most of her time at her parents house 2 hrs away. She also told me that my mom dying isn’t a big deal (only 6 months at most after her death btw) forcing me to find an apartment less than a month before my new job. I could go on with the shitty shit she has done, but we’d be here a while and life is better without her :). Anyways I feel better now and have interest in my OCs again! I have a new group of ocs I want to make some silly comics and maybe a vn or short rpgmaker about them. Tl:dr I want to draw and make “content” of my ocs.

I crochet a lot this year and I hope to crochet more! I hope to finish larger projects like sweaters, cardigans, blankets, etc. I also hope to set up an online store or etsy to sell some items. I wouldn’t mind creating and posting my own patterns. I was going to try and make a temperature or mood blanket for 2023, but I could see myself falling very behind. Maybe for 2024 I’ll find a similar year long project or do something starting on my birthday for turning 24. I have a blanket I need to finish anyway so who knows.

I also hope to “finish” more media. Media as in video games, anime, tv shows, movies, and you get the point. I start a lot of games and shows and finish like none of them. The only media I can think of finishing this year is Turning Red (yes I have movies I’ve started and have not finished), and my Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi rewatch( I still have sih specials and movie but of the main seasons I’ve watched them all). What a combo lmao. Oh and I watched Klaus with a friend and a season of yuru camp(just rewatching season one and maybe an ep of heya camp. Yay for season 3 announcement tho!), but that is literally it. I started Bocchi the Rock!!, Chainsaw Man, DIY, Community, Arrested Development (Tho I watched all of the og run not all of the Netflix seasons), and I feel like I’m missing a few things. I think I want to have a media log to give short reviews or thoughts on shows and shit I finished. Maybe that will help motivate me esp If I’m working on a larger crochet project.

For neocities, I hope to have more updates of substance. What is substance? Uh idk. Of course I picture big updates like oc comics or like mani’s super fuckin cool oc pages, crochet patterns, layout changes, etc. I want my website to be equally filled out, not just barren pages and super long blog sections being the only content. No shame if anyone’s blog/neocities looks like that! It just feels dumb having buttons for pages that are like 2 lines of text and I just keep updating my blog saying I’ll update more. Other than more “content” I want to learn coding more. I have “learned” some stuff using Cinni’s template and some other free code online. I’ve also been able to troubleshoot stuff myself! I still feel like I’m that neocities user that other users complain about using free templates and code and if they deserve to have a fuckign neocities account. But whatever. Speaking of blog entries I’m debating on doing monthly wrap ups instead of my weekly wrap ups. I bought a new bullet journal/diary and I kinda do one of the other but maybe it will change in 2023? I might play around with the blog on here we’ll see.

For more IRL stuff I hope to get out more. I’ve kinda become a hermit and only going out if I half to. I want to try and join a group or at least hang out with friends more IRL. I also would mind going on walks and exercising more as a general get out more lol. Before winter, I was taking my dog on longer and longer walks but once it got cold and snow it kinda stopped. I want to pick it back up and maybe go to some parks to take pics and stuff!! While I may want to journal less on here I do want to keep a diary of sorts. I did a bullet journal on and off in 2022, but have huge gaps. Some of the “missing” entries are on here instead or tweet but I kinda want one place with most of it. I did buy a new journal to bring around with me. I might print some of the typed stuff into the journal too just so it's in one place and in case something happens to neocities/online. I also want to try and be a bit more organized this year. Since it's just me in the apartment I've become messier.... so hopefully I’ll find a system that works. It's not rotting food or condemnable shit its just clean clothes I need to fold or cleaning up old crochet projects. I feel like these are such simple goals(for IRL), but I want to overall start small habits I can keep and then expand.

Okay, I think I have done enough rambling for now. I hope 2023 is good to all of us!! Also, I typed this all in google docs before transferring this over so I hope there are less grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. When I go online I turn off my teacher brain and I wasn't a good speller to begin with. I also grew up when texting got big and use to type “lyke dis all teh time” or worse. I might keep a google/word doc as a back up anyway. Next time I need to include the actual html code so I can just copy and paste and press stave then having to fuck with formating. Okay for real this blog page is 2 pages basically singled spaced. Hello 2023!!


It's been a lil bit! I kinda ran out of steam for neocities related things or lost interest in the pages i was super into making at the time. Winter break starts next week and I'm pretty caught up on paperwork so maybe I'll be more active. Probs not lol. I wish I wrote down some of the shit thats happened over the past 2 weeks or so since its kinda a blur. First week in a while of no CPI usage at school since like the first month a school back in August! But we didn't do as much academics this week due to weird scheduling and break...Still I will celebrate! I also need to buy gifts for my students and aids in the room. I have some ideas but I just need to commit and buy something. I also hung out with a friend and shopped a lot lol

I drove a few hours to go visit a friend and do some xmasy things even tho she doesn't celebrate, but it was fun! We shopped a lot and I got some cute new clothes and ate some good food. I kinda want to shop for some more new clothes since I wear the same 5 outfits. I need to go through my clothes first and donate some before getting more... We also went to see some zoo light! They were pretty, but it felt like a date since it was just the two of us lmao. Still it was nice to hang out irl with someone since all my friends live so far away :'). I would write more, but I want to be vague so I don't self dox lol

I saw on TikTok Joann's was having the buy 1 get 3 free with the O'Go yarn so I got $80 of yarn for $20. I hope to make a cute granny balaclava and shawl with some of it. Other yarn related news I bought the willow bag pattern and made it!. It's a lil smaller than I thought it would be but still a cute summer bag. Tho I love it I did make a few mistakes which isn't noticable but still annoying. I don;t if its because of how she writes patterns or what, but at a point I have to kinda blindly go off the picture to make it. It makes me debate on getting the Florence cardigan since that would be my first made to measure pattern and with her directions being hard for me i dunno... I need to finish my granny cardigan first anyway so maybe I can find a smaller made to measure pattern to try or a nother cardigan later. I still think florence cardi is so cute tho. I've also been working thru the Hobbii advant calendar and I'm debating on typing up a review, but probs won't. On twitter I typed up some thoughts but tl:dr pretty cute like 3/4 patterns and nice yarn choices. Due to a lot of crocheting, typing, and drawing my wrist has been flaring up. I found my compression glove so I'm going to try and wear that more and juist brace at night.

I still need to buy some gifts, but I also want to do some selfish shopping. Like I said new clothes that I will actually wear, but also some home stuff. My place is a mess and I feel like if I had more starage it wouldn't be as bad. Thinking of getting a bookcase or cube storage for books, yarn and plants. Probs wait to buy any of that till I go through my clothes and get the rest of my gifts. I'm still on an anime binge somewhat. I've watched some more of Chainsaw Man. Def a fun series. I need to catch up with Bocchi, DIY, and watch the movie and specials for sih lol. I need to find another anime I can just mindlessly crochet to to finish my granny cardigan. MAybe I'll finally watch Yuru Camp S2 for that.


I do not want to go back to work tomorrow. My break was good I mostly just played some pokemon and watched a lot of anime lmao. Def felt like I was back in highschool watching anime, playing games, spending too much time on tumblr lmao.

I want to be like the cool kids and play the new violet, but the thought of losing progress scarfed me so IO rebought the pearl remake. Sinnoh was my first region and I was so excited for the remakes! I think the chibi style is cute, but I wish it looked like swsh or even just sunmo. It has been fun replaying art style aside tho. A lot of memories came back playing on the playground, having my friends help me beat some gym leaders, and fighting Cythnia lol. I've beat 4 of the gyms so far. I hope the black/white remakes look better at least and the next mainline is finished before release too. I also need to finish Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX and PL:A since I haven't beat that yet either lol. Maybe over Christmas break I'll beat one of them. Most likely not tho lmao.

While, I didn't update here as much as I liked, I have been trying to learn code/html a bit more. In crochet news, I have finished half of my hexagon granny cardigan! I started the other hexagon, but need to give my wrist a lil break. I also got my hobbi advent calender and would like to try to make each of the weekly projects but we will see. I also didn't finish puppcat, but that's because of doing the cardigan again. I hope to finish the cardigan by Feb at the latest so I can wear it for Valentine's Day since its pink. Other irl news I cut my hair!

So, even tho I wanted to keep with with Bocchi and DIY I kinda fell off around ep 4. Not because they're bad I just forgot or was busy. So, instead of catching up over the break I rewatched Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romatica instead. I forget what exactly made me remember their existance, but I wanted to see if it's the same as I remember. JR was worse than I remember and SIH was a lil bit better than I remember. I also didn't know JR got a 3rd season in 2015 and SIH had has some OVA and a Movie?! I still need to watch the OVA and movie, but I hope SIH gets another season lmao. It's not good and its so stupid most of them time but I was able to watch both seasons in 2 days. Pathetic I know, but I wasn't leaving my apt during Black Friday. I also didn't realize both of them are still ongoing??? I cannot image wating 3 times a year for an update for this moving at a snails pace romance. Its all cliche on cliche rinse and repeat. I also came across some spoilers which is disappointing relating to nostalgia which is :/// Part of me wants to try reading it but its ongoing and its sih. I don't reccomend watching JR or SIH, but I watched them when I was too young giving me brain damage. Also, SIH>>>>>>JR. I also want to rewatch some other animes I watched as a kid like ouran, black butler, and so on. I made a side blog just for cringeass gulity pleasure anime @chocodoughnuts on tumblr. Maybe I'll actually make my anime page on here and ramble more, but who knows. I don't think I'll be abole to watch currently airing shows, but I hope to watch some more recent shows. Please send me some recs either on my anime tumblr or on twitter I guess. The dumber the better tbh. I love slice of life and romance appanetly lmao. Maybe I'll finally update and use my MAL to keep track.

Also, since this is neocities and if you don't spell everything out drama happens JR and SIH have problematic elements to it like let's be real most anime. Not that it makes it okay, but obs I don't condone these elements in the real world. Pretend I copypasted that "I think critically about the media I consume" shit that most anime blogs use for posting skimpy eva/underage figs or some idol anime.


Wow! A lot has happened the past few weeks mostly online lol. I guess the tumor/strawbabie drama was the first thing that I think of. It is just ye old tumblr drama, but on neocities. So, that is shitty, but nothing new. Tho the interesting thing to me was everyone putting their two cents in. I guess I was suprised seeing some users, not in a bad way just didn't know they knew about it, bring it up/comment on it. Strababie was annoying and it was funny seeing them complain about TTT yet being TTT. Uh I don't have anything grounding breaking or new to add to the void, but y'know I wanted to put my two cents in too lol.

Twitter shitting the bed was fun to watch last night. It felt like the end of an mmo but somehow its still alive. Part of me wants to stop using twitter in a less socialk media way or in a new social media clean slate kinda way. I made a cohost! I can't post yet, but I kinda want to move other there instead of twitter. I enjoy neocities and tumblr for longer posts, but for short thoughts or random shit twitter is nice for that. I don't like the mircoblogging on neocities on the activity page on on my site. I like the weeklyish longer blog post for here. So, once I get rights to post that will be my new home. I was debating between cohost vs mastodon, but mastodom seems a lil more complicated than it needs to be. It probs isn't as hard as I think, but I have enough stress and I don't need to stress if my post is in the right instance or whatever. I might make one later, but who knows. I also plan to start using my pillowfort/tumblr for art and crochet. I don't know about if I will get around to upgrading to supporter, esp now its an ugly checkmark, but for extra art/doodles/other stuff I want to post but don't need it on my neocities. I still like using social media to interact with friends and whatnot. Neocities feels a lil too isolating esp with some users. Maybe soon I'll just be a hermit and write in a journal or random word documents on jmy laptop.

This has been on my mind for a while, but I keep going back and forth about posting. I'm still not 100% about it, but the weird air some neocities user have about coding/host is kinda weird. Maybe later I'll word vomit about it on my rambles page, but I don't know. I agree with some but also it just feels some users want to feel power over some for being able to code or whatever lmao. I get some of their points but also is it really that deep. I know I use a template and use some other free code so I'm probs one of the user their complain about lmao. It also kinda rubs me the wrong way when soem ask "do you have something worth posting here" like some of these users just repost old Japanese ads/"animecore" shit, but shaming thise who make more of a short about/hub for links to were they post content at. I mean I (plan to) host my art, crochet, and other projects, but it seems shitty to determine what is worthy to be hosted on neocities. Esp since some like I send are just hosting stolen pics and shit. I mean I don't really care what others post/host but it just seems kinda shitty. I don't know these are just off the tgop of my head and not my full thoughts. Maybe I missing other shit or not seeing what others arfe talking about so I'm missing context. I'm not shaming anyone on any side, but again my two cents.

Other news I've been crocheting some smaller projects like the Pillow cozy, headbands, mug rugs and so on. I want to try and make some stuff to sell to some of my co-workers or for gifts. I've been trying to get my granny square cardigan done so it can be done by Valentines day! I want to try and finish my projects I have now before starting any big wearable projectsor other stuff like that. I do want to try and crochet some small gifts for my students and my advant calender tho. I want to try and do each of the projects if I like them them tho. I hope theres a hat pattern since I need to make a new one.

I also got new glasses! My student threw a dodgeball at my face, on accident surprisingly, and I've been wearing my hot glued together glasses for like a weekish. I love zenni so much. School has been going well! Thanksgiving break starts today! I get next week off so hopefully I'll finish some crochet projects and update this place! I got a gaming laptop too which I'm typiong on now lol. I want to try edit some of the code to change the look a lil bit since most of my screen real estate is kinda empty lol.


Next year I'll figure out a better system for the blog but until then lol. Finally got some new pages! My video game page and a page for my new horiszon island. Today I finally logged into my island so hopefully I'll fix it up and "finish" my island and play more of the dlc. I'm trying to play the games I have before buying more lol. I finished my shawl a bit ago. I haven't been crocheting much, but I'll be finish my gloves soon and hopefully puppycat! I also decided I want to crochet part of my Halloween costume like I did this year so I think I'll be Isabelle! Deciding if I want to make her spring or winter new leaf design since horizens has a knit cardigan, but we'll see. All of them are so cute I want to do all of them! I've also had food poisoning the past week and work sucked so I've just been on auto pilot mostly. Now that I'm over it I hope to get some of my goals done


Lately I've been having paperwork to catch up on. So, other than teaching, progress reports, and an IEP I haven't done much. Also, be prepared for typos since I've been typing so much lmao. Anyway, I brought my dog to school today and it was fun! All the students wanted to take care of her and loved on her. We had our Halloween/Fall party today so she was my living pumkin and I was a witch! I crochet a lil witch hat for it lol. Lily just had a pumpkin sweater I had, but it was cute. She was pooped, but I think she liked it too. I need to plan for next week, but I follow a routine and its been getting quicker to plan each week. So, a later problem. I am annoyed that one of the adults in the room is a dumbass. He makes jokes about killing himself in front of the kids and asked them to make him an alcoholic drink when we were playing restaurant. I did tell him to cut it out, but why would you think its okay in the first place? We are similar in age so it was cool to talk about video games and stuff. Now he shares political beliefs and he's one of those "elon musk is daddy maggot socialism is whats ruining america even tho all the problems im complaining about is from capitalism" dumbass. Its just so pathetic too since he mumbles it under his breath or if i call him out he acts like im stupid/crazy. It's funny now thinking about it that he joined the union which some of his favs would hate. He is also trying to fuck most of the staff, like, he asked a girl out, went on a date, and not it's "stale" so he set his eyes on another girl. It's just gross esp since he just goes "she's so hot" constantly. I don't know its just sad I thought he was cool since he's one of 3 othr people close to my age and he's a gross dumbass. Be he's a man so I should have expected that.

Other stuff going on is my college friend group seems to be burning down lmao. In sophomore I made some firneds in the major and we have a group chat. We still post in it to catch up and vent y'know. Well one of the friends well say H had a miscommunication with hwe staff and a student was left in the room alone for a sec. Nothing happened no one was hurt and yadda yadda. She was venting about it in the chat and I guess some of them didn't like her tune and they talked it out. Well, K works in the same school district as H and screenshot/recorded the conversation and sent it to her principal so she would get in trouble for the accident. I think H already got reprimanded for it so it just made it worse. K did this without talking to H tooand it was in a private conservation so just shitty. I just feel like if no one got hurt and accidents happen why be a bitch and do shit like that. It just feels slimey and now I don't trust K with anything anymore. Back tot he story H blocked K and J,another in the chat but is super close to K, since they they kinda back stabbed them. Like K told H to work at that district with them and I'm assuming put in a good word for them to then backstab them like that. I don't know K also just seens to have a big fucking ego and acts like shes better that everyone else. I mean when we first met I couldn;t even tell if she liked me. Anyways, H left the groupchat and she said she's going to rejoin, but idk when. I feel bad for H since she has other problems and she doesn't need this added to it.

Aside from personal drama, I've been crocheting, as always, and I started playing games again lol. I finished my velvet blanket! I think I've been working 6 monthes probs more on it, but she's done. I have a few other projects I could finish relaitively soon if I just focus on them. I really want to finish my puppycat plush and fingerless gloves. I need to try and use up more of my yarn before I can buy more so I need to find some more small projects. I have some already but they aren't really gonna make a dent in my stash lmao. Maybe I'll mke a stash buster blanket or scraves and hats to give out as gifts this year. I really want to work on making some plushies of my OCs but I have to buy yarn for them so they will have to wait. I'm trying to take care of my wrist with breaks and using my brace. I also did buy a hand massager. I can't tell if it actually works but it does feel nice!

I picked AI: The Somnium Files back up. I'm at the tail end of Mizuki route. Though I made like two hours of progress, died, and lost all of my progress since I didn't save at all when I played. Kinda bummed and I haven't picked it up since. I've finished the Iris route first and seen parts of the Annihilation route til I got locked out of it. Def playing the Iris route is so weird since the ending kinda just ends and most of the characters get pushed to the side. I do want to play all the routes and get the sequel. I really enjoy the goofy characters and the stupid anime bullshitness of it. I don't know if NITW greg route is going to happen since I'd rather try and beat AI:TSF instead. I'd also like to pick some of my JRPGs back up like Tales of Vesperia some of the Atelier games I have. I also want to try and fix up my New Horizens island or even restart lol. I think I'd rather just get a switch lite to restart my island tho I'm too attached to my first island. I also want to pick up Harvestella since it's stupid anime bullshit with farms instead of just dating sim with farming. I started the demo and it seemed kinda fun but didn't get far i think I stopped after the tutorial. I really want to play Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. When I tried to get into Harvest Moon/Story of Seaons That was the one I wanted to play the most next to Mineral Town. I wish "cozy" games went past farming and we brought "girly" games back. Maybe I'll make my video games page so I can rant about girly games and how I miss them. Games like nintendogs, Style Savvy, Rockin' Pretty, Moco Moco Friends, etc. I feel like the "cozy" genre is the "girly" game genre rebranded. I could go one but I'll have to save it for my video game page lmao.

The only other thing I've been doing or trying to do is keep up with seasonal anime. Even when I was a big weeb in high school I didn't watch currently airing shows much I would watch completed series for the most part. The only airing short I remeber keeping up with was Free! embarassing I know, but even then I fell off toward the end and def the last season. I am already behind, BUT I want to try and watch Bocchi the Rock!! and DIY. I love the "girls hobby" anime genre like yuru camp and Comic Girls. Which Bocchi and Comic Girls share the same magazine. Weird! I want a fiber arts anime. Gimmie a group of girls infodumping on their favorite yarn types and their uses. They could have a girl who knits another who weaves, and a crocheter obvs. I started to make a group of ocs for a crochet group, but lost motivation to draw. Anyway, Both Bocchi and DIY looks super cute and want more anime like it. I also started Chainsaw Man but don't think I'll keep up with it. I do want to watch it but I might wait and binge the season instead of watching it weekly esp since I've been spoilered on some of the twists in the show. I don't really care about spoilers but its whatever.

Speaking of website plans I do hope to have a larger update up soon! Maybe having more pages, I'll do more lmao. I do ant to get my video game page up, and maybe media since I'm going to try and watch some anime that is airing this season! I also think I want to try and fuck around with the layout maybe make the content box bigger esp if I keep rambling. I need to still make graphics and stuff like that. I have Thanksgiving break coming up, so, If I don't get it done soon hopefully by then.


Last day of fall break and sadly I didn't get to work on my site as much as I wanted. I did clean up my apartment so I think it balances out lol. Each time I went top draw I lost motivation so, hopefully I'll make new gifs and graphics soon. I've mostly been cooking, shopping, corcheting, and binging youtube. I've also been watching twitter beef/internet drama so I feel like I'm back in high school watching kin drama. I hope that if I ever get clout I don't go off the deep end like some have recently. Anyhoo Fall is here and its so nice! I love seing all the leaves change color and just cooler temps. I need to start my Greg route of NITW. I've played Bea's route last year and loved it and want to get the other side of the story. Hopefully before Halloween I'll finish the route.

Section just for my crochet plans lol. I've been mostly crocheting while watching youtube. I've been working on and off on a cardigans, blanket, and puppycat plushie. I need to try and finish puppycat and the blanket since its the cloest to being finished. Instead of finishing them I crochet a wallet all in one night instead lmao. I needed a card wallet since my current wallet is too small for all of the extra cards i use to carry. At first, I was gonna try and make my own pattern but this one was cute and free so why not. Other crochet plans is I bought an amigurumi pattern book! Hello Amigurumi Happy Childhood Days is the book I picked up and look super cute. I haven't made anything from it yet, but hopefully soon. I want to try and frankenstein a few of them to try and make a doll for the site mascot and some other ocs. I need to buy some yarn for that project so I'm going to wait til I get more funds and finish some projects lmao. I really want to make some wearables to really clean out my stash.


Whelp fall break has offically started! After I came home, I slept for 3 hours even tho today was a pretty low stress day. Not much else has been happening just eat, teach, crochet, sleep, repeat. I hope to finish a few project soon as I keep staring more lmao.

I hope to create a few more pages over the break. I think my next goal will be the video games and media pages. I've been playing a few games and watching some stuff and wanna place my thoughts somewhere. I also might break media down into anime/catroons/tv, movies, and comics since technically video games should fall under media. I also made my first gif for the site! She's on the homepage! Still no name, but hopefully soon I'll make her ref page and more gifs. I did redesign her a bit since she was a lil too boobie lmao but really her "redesign" is just an alt outfit anyway. I already have some ideas so soon... I've also been thinking of ther characters to put on here so she'll probs end up with her own page and story lmao. I can't create just a character need "lore". I also got image resizing to finally fucking work!!! Now I just gotta figure out to click to enlarge or maybe just hoat elsewhere to see the picture bigger.

Other pages I've though of adding is a cooking/recipe page since cooking is another hobby of mine. I've been trying a bunch of new recipes lately(and open to more) and need a better place to store them. I think my major to dos and the video game and media page since i still need to clean and organize my apartment lmao

sorry to any grammar police that read this I'm writing this at 3am and can't be assed to fix it.


More and more updates lol I want to condense some of the main buttons so i can have a page with the subpages and info on them. Tho this could change if i change layouts I also have a lil mascot I think for my site! I don't have a name for her yet but here she is! She's on my banner! I would post the pic here, but I haven't gotten resize work yet :/ I keep bouncing Jill, Melody, or Daisy. When I post her officially I guess she'll have a name. I hope to replace the gyaru gifs with my own gifs of her making it my own. Also, to relive high of making a pixel of my oc and trying to hit that pixel sweet spot so it could sit on my bio at midnight on a school night.

I know the graphics will take forever so hopefully i can flesh out some pages so I can just plop them in. I want to also try using different layouts for pages that need it. I really need a gallery page for my crochet and later for art/oc pages.

I have added more subcats on this page too. I've had some random dreams so I'll post the best ones there I guess. I might post some of my more iconic ones. I also have a rambles page for rants that aren't really relavent to blogposts or just opinions I don't want on the blog page. Like blogging is a personal journal and rambles is for a twitter thread rant of your thoughts on the bullshit. Later I also want to split up the blog into different pages by month but then the more i think of it id rather just do it by years. Guess it depends if I keep up on blogging too...

Also a big thank you to those who have posted on my guestbook!! I never thought I would get any...On tumblr i'd only get asks from friends so it means a lot lol hopefully I'll start posting on other's guestbooks to spread some positivity

I feel dumb blogging every other day but this is like my bullet journal. I do it everyday and then not touching it for months.


lol I'm on the editing high so now it feels more and more like a real blog! We'll see how far that keeps up. I'm thinking of changing crochet into hobbies or interests so I can include other interest and not have a mile long hot bar. I want a page for video games, comics/manga/maybe shoehorn books into there too, crochet of course, and tv/movie/anime/cartoon. It also leaves me room to grow if I want to host other things on here/get more hobbies. Think for the next major update I mess around with that. Maybe changing them all to major catorgories then clicking on them the hotbar changes with the subcatorgoreies related like hobbies would include crochet, video games, anime, and comics or i guess how my art page is like already lmao. I also want to divide up my blog by months and year or maybe i'll divide it by seasons like fall, spring, summer, and winter like a farming sim game lol...i don't know yet so well see. Hopefully over fall break I could make something cool.

I also hope to try actual coding then just brute forcing it to make custom pages that fit my ocs pages. I really love Mani's oc/world pages. I know if I make comics for them i'd need to bump up to suppoter and create their own webpages, but for summaries and oneshots/art it would be sooo cool. I need to work on summaries and bios so I can at least put something on the pages while I make graphics.


Not much has been happening mostly eat, work, sleep, repeat. Tho i have went to my first wool gathering! It was fun, but i wish i had some craft friends to go with... I ended up spending almost 300 on yarn and yarn related supplies ehehe... But I haven't bought much yarn recently so it works out lol. I need to update my crochet page page with some finished projects and wips. Crochet has been the main craft i've been doing even tho i have a ton of wrist pain even with stretching. I think I need to take a month break or try to get a deep tissue massage to really feel a difference. I also seemed to have lost all of my braces so maybe i just need to buy another one lol. even typing is making it flair up and moving to left hand which hasn't happened before til i took up crocheting seriously.

Wrist pain has also been killing the vibe of updarting here and my ocs/fleshing them out. I have been slowly making a page every now and agin with very rough drafts/bios. I really want to create some art either refs or comics but until i clear up my pain and beat imposter syndrome some will be online. Maye if I sart updating more regularlly i'll gain something lol. Right now I really want to make more 3D stuff like dolls (customizing or actually creating them), crochet (of course), and a recent intrest in ceramics. I haven't tried ceramics yet, but i'd love to make some scupltures and housewares. I've had an on and off again interest in doll collecting, customizing, and making. Maybe one of these days i'll find some goodwill or clearance dolls or make into ocs or decorate for fun. I'm also wanting to get back into pixel art probs because of all the pixel graphics on neocities.

Like with the last entry i've been thinking of me and the internet which sounds cringey writing it out lmao. Part of me wants to try and make more online friends/interact more on social media/online commuities. Another part of me wants to remove all social media and become more anonymous online sticking to myself and the few friends i have now. As a kid I was so scard of people online either finding me and getting in trouble/harmed or worried people just being mad at me because they misunderstood me thru text. I still kinda fear that now esp with callouts being made because someone liked a viral post that came from a problematic person. I'm also having problems of finding commuties i want to be a part of. I like the idea of finding a more female dominated space, but they seems to be mostly men butting in, white supremacist/Neo Nazi radfems circlejerk, or just xyz i'm not interested in. I's also want a more of adult focus not a community full of 14-16 year olds. I also tend to lurk more so stuff like discord/chat based i look like the weirdo in the corner. I am trying to interact a bit more, but again if i dont act a certain way people will come down your throat and make your experience terrible. I already had an exmutual/friend like that and don't want a repeat. Creating discord groups also just feels fake and going to fizz out in like a week so. More anonymous places like imageboards def mean no friendships, but there is a lot of negativity and racism. I def can tell when i've been broawsing ib too mcuh since that negativity can really affect you, but that can happened anywhere too. I could remove/simplify my bio on places like twitter, but i don't know. I have more rambing feelings about that too, but i think i've rambled enought about that in this entry lmao Someday I wil be cringe and free.

Anyway, hopefully i'll fix this place up and maybe just bullshit around and acutally make something. See you in a month at this rate.


wow its been a min since i thought about neocites/updated. I started work and it has been long and moving/lack of internet. I now have stable internet and moved so hopefully i'll be able to update more and get things looking better. I also have a love hate with this form of "social media." I like having my own corner to post and do things, but i also like the connection/intreraction i'm more likely to get on other social media. I guess its connected enough since every time I long on there is drama going down it seems. I still hope to update here though to at least have an archive for myself for my ocs and other projects.

Speaking of projects I want to try and get my oc pages going so I could maybe start actually making something out of them. Right now I'm interested with my spooky ghost supernatural girls. I'm still in the very rough stages (vague character bios/outlines, very simple/rough synopsis, and etc), but I hope to get something posts more about them in the coming months. I go through phases of what characters I want to write/think about and since fall is coming (same season most of the plot takes place in for now at least) I want to write about them.

I have been crocheting and I finished a few projects! I did some baby projects for my friend having a baby! I made some booties and a lil frog plushie for the guy. I also crocheted a peep hole cover for my door since its so fucking big. Theres a lot of errors in it due to crocheting when I was half asleep. It also seems I crocheted too much at once since my wrist aches soooooo bad. Even typing now makes my wrist ache a bit. I am taking a break from crocheting or only doing a few stitches before a break and stretches. I can't find any of my wrist braces or compression gloves so its just been rest and stretches. I do have one for when I sleep, but I feel like the other ones work better. They will turn up sometime though. I want to try drawing but I'm worried my wrist will be in even more pain so I guess I'll wait on that too.

oof sorry for any and all typos I'm typing this before I go to bed and too lazy to read thru and change anything.


Lmao I told myself I would learn to code instead of using free layouts, but why reinvent the wheel. I'm also debating if I want to keep the same layout for the whole site or change it based on page. This nana layout is the only one I've been able to edit the with the least amount of stress. I do like the idea of each page having their own feel, but I also like the uniform put to gether look too.... This theme reminds me of a tumblr theme from 2013-2015 making it nostalgic.

Aside from coding next Thursday is my first day with students and I'm both excited and overwhelmed. A LOT seems easier and less work, but there is also more work to do now so idk otz The Thursday after that I'll be moving to my own place and I am so excited. I hope I like my job so I can stay there for a few years and not have to move another year in a row.