Nintendo Direct Thoughts 2/10/23

So Nintendo had a direct a few days ago and holy fucking shit!!!!! New Style Savvy kinda, Ghost Trick, FANTASY LIFE AND PROFESSOR LAYTON?!?!?! I didn't have anything thoughts going into the direct, but man they nailed it for me. I mean all the games I'm excited for are third party other than Zelda, but whatever.

I remember the Style Savvy fanbase have been stalking Syn Sophia's social media and job listing looking for news for the next game. They did find some hints of a new fashion game, but looking more like a moblie game. It still would be fun, but I don't keep up with games on my phone even with pocket camp I use to be so good now it rots lmao. So, I'm extra excited it will be for switch!! Even tho it is called Fashion Dreamer, kinda lame name in my opinion, I'm gonna pretend its Style Savvy 5. Similar animation and same dev I think due to the publisher change they changed the name. Still the fashion looks so cute! I wish they didn't drop the anime style I really liked the art direction for Stylin' Star. I hope they use a lot of Stylin' Star too. I get if they drop the music/idol bit, but I love all of the characters and lil interactions. I hope we get cameos of the girls too...Rosie and Cami going on a date and need matching outfits, Alinatron needs a fit for her her next stream, Yoanda needs evening wear for a party at the hotel, and so on. I do hope we still get requests like that even if we don't run a shop anymore. I also wish we had a release date!!! I hope its not digital only like stylin' Star...

FANTASY LIFE LIVES!! Recently the app game shut down so I was worried Fantasy Life dead for good, but as we can see she lives! Fake fan alert I never finished the first game or played the app game, but I love the game. Maybe I'll finish it I think I'm on the last few chapters anyway. Still! I can't believe a new Fantasy Life! The game looks great and seems fun! The time mechanic seems interesting... I'm just excited to run around and bullshit around and complete the story whenever I want lol. I literally started crying at this point lol I was also sick and on cold meds.

Professor Layton rises from the dead and I'm so excited to be stupid to solve puzzles made for children. I still have the game with his daughter to beat and literally the rest of them lol. If you noticed a running them I don't beat video games a lot... Very excited and hope it breathes new life into level 5. I haven't fully played Ghost Trick. I downloaded a rom and didn't play past the first screen and never touched it again. I hope to play through it on switch!

Overall this direct was great for me at least! I wish there was more release dates for the games I want, but oh well I have Aini and Symphonia to play while I wait. The Zelda trailer was cool I guess I feel like it was more of the same tho and won't live up to the hype. Also GB and GBA games are cool I guess. Uuuuuuuuh I can't remember anything else I don't give 2 shits about fe or the other shit

Currently playing thoughts....01/27/2023

First Starting with games I beat this month/so far! I beat Tales of Vesperia and Ai:The Somnium Files! I was like 2 boss fights away from beating the game so I don't know why I took a 2 year break. I think I'll watch a long play since I don't remember shit other than the key details....I also watched the prequel movie! It was fun def after beating the game and kinda revisting the characters. I wish more of Brave Vesperia was in the movie, but I get why due to timeline shit. The other game I beat was AI:TSF and it was a trip. I really enjoyed it though it was fun trying to figure out the mystery. I also love the cast of characters they are so goofy and fun!! I think Aiba and Date are my favs, but I also love Iris(partly due to me doing her route first... I don't think she would be as high up if I did her route later). I also love the dance number at the end it was so cute. It felt like I wanted a 2000's/2010's anime that you wish more people talked about. It was dumb fun and I can't wait for the next game.

Games I have started are Bravely Default II, Ai:The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative. To be honset I hjaven't been playing Bravely Default as much since its so generic...Like I like basic fantasy stories of saving the princess, kingdom in ruin, find the crystal, and so on. But, Bravely Default so far is just too bland and boring so far. I realized to get me hooked I need to like the character(s) and the BDII crew is lacking. Seth/protag is kinda cute and I like Mage and bodygaurd banter, but I dunno... I didn't play thje first game(I know they aren't connected), but I feel like I remember seeing funny screenshots/goofy interactions. So far I'm not seeing it. I do plan on to keep playing tho since I like the Brave/Default battle system.

I've also started Ai:The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative(which will be shorted to aini I am lazy and can't spell lmao)! Vague spoilers(?) I'm not very far, but best to play blind! When I has the last 2 routes foir Ai:TSF I ordered a copy so I can pick it right up! I went into both of these games blind other than looking at the tags for fanart (which this fanbase does a good job hiding spoilers or I'm dumb). I know a lot of fans like Ryuki tho so I was excited to finally meet him lmao and I get why. I love Tama (in general) and Ryuki's relationship. I am interested in the direction they are going with unreality theme and the fourth wall breaks. One lil bit I really love about the game is that the QR code actually works and brings up the video from the game! I know for promotion they had an ARG which I haven't looked at, but neat! I hope thjese games sold well enough for a third game or really to make it a series. Since I played the first game and the game asked me It's fun seeing what the crew was up to between games. I wish Date stayed looking like his real self tho and kept the smexy voice lmao. I am excited to keep playing and solve the case! It is crazy how much they added to the game tho the tamagotchi, costumes, more puzzley sections and so on. Also, it seems very hand holdy so far. Like the first somniums were very easy(I'm playing on standard) and the constant popups is a lil annoying. I don't remember if the first game had them or not, but eh. I'll finish up rambling here since I'm still so fresh into the game.

Playing Ai:TSF/NI Makes me was to try and play 999 and that series. I had a ds copy of 999 and got too stressed about getting bad ends I think I traded it in for soemthing else lol. I also had Last Reward I think, but I never started it and traded it in too lol. Also, next month Tales of Symphonia will be out and I'm def starting it as soon as I get it. I also thought of getting P3P or P4G, but I don't know if I have it in me for it lol. I've also been playing Plate Up with some friends which is like Overcooked in ways. Can't think of any new releases Other than ToS I want.

Top 2023 Releases and Top 2022 Games - 12/31/22

Just a list of some of the games I'm excited for and later on some of my favorite games I played this year!

Fae Farm

I love the fantasy life/mysims kind of look to the game. Over 2022 I’ve really fallen and “Got” farming games so I’m excited for more of them esp with cute characters. Lil worried for microtransactions since the people making it have those f2p but with online shops. I’m just excited for another game I could play with my friend :)

Legend of : Tears of a Kingdom

I loved playing BOTW and pretend I have a unique thing to add. I loved running around exploring and taking pics in the fields or riding my horse. I never “beat” the game like th final boss but I got all the beats and other stuff. I mean this is the furthest I’ve gotten in a Zelda game, meaning actual end game, so gud game. I also like the direction of this zelda kinda dark but also cozy and cute. I hope the new one has some cute and cozy moments too.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Before I “got” farming games I tried playing thru a few harvest moon games. I emulated Animal Parade and bought A New Beginning and FOMT, but did not get far in any of them. I really wanted to play A Wonderful Life, but never got around to it. With the remake on switch I’m so excited to finally get around and play it esp with gay marriage lol. I wouldn’t mind trying some of the older hm/sos games or the more modern ones on 3ds, but we’ll see. I def want to pick this one up tho.

Okay so those are the games I know that are coming out in 2023. There are some games I hope to get announced but I think I'll wait for direct rumors to post my dream games lmao. Onto top games I played in 2022.

Stardew Valley

I’ve had this game for a whiiiile and get to day 5-10 Spring year 1 then turn off the game and never play again. Wait a few months and then restart the cycle. Recently I started playing Co-op with my friend and I made it to year 3!! I also have a few personal saves that I’ve gotten to the end of year 1 or maybe further I haven’t played in a hot min. Surprising to none SDV is a fun game! How open SDV HM/SOS are they were hard for me to get started with the “lack of direction” for lack of better words. I felt like I was playing the game “wrong” since the first event I wouldn’t be able to dance or whatever. I finally got past that mind block lol. The other big thing I hated was the fanbase lmao. I hated that they acted like SDV was the only farming game even tho it was inspired by the biggest farming franchise hm/sos. Such a dumb reason, but it was annoying.


Cute cat cafe simulator with some soft cute graphics. I enjoy Calico a lot and it was usually the game that gets me out of my gaming funk. Boot it up, maybe change my outfit, run around for a bit, take a few screenshots, and then play something else or go to sleep lol. I am excited to see where the devs go with this game. While I enjoy it it does need some more content or updates. I wish it had some more quests, things to do, customizing options, and so on. It's a small team so I can cut them slack and it looks cute! But it is a bit buggy still I get at least 2-3 good glitches when I play. While this game may be lacking in “content” I do enjoy running around pretty pastel locations and take some pics with my cute cats and pups.

Ai: The Somnium Files

I LOVE this game. It's just stupid anime bullshit and my favorite breed of stupid anime bullshit. I still have a few routes to do, but I love almost everything I’ve seen so far. I also love games that are just basically interactive anime episodes. I would play more vns if I knew they were all dubbed lol. Its also been a while since I’ve played since I lost 2 hrs of progress in a bad end. I hope to get the second one soon after I finish all the routes.


I recently got this game and played this Co-op with my SDV friend. Still in early access, but fun so far. I mostly spend time catching bugs and getting seashells and my friend is buying the needed supplies and progress. I need to look into the game more since I bought the game knowing its Aussie Animal Crossing and pressed play. I’ve also been playing the Co-op island. I haven't started my solo save sooo can’t speak much on the game other than that.

Some other games I’ve enjoyed but haven’t played to the same length are Littlewood, Tales of Vesperia, ACNH, Pokemon: Shining Pearl, and Ni No Kuni II. Littlewood is a cozy easy going life sim. I wish I played the RPG or read a comic of saving the world to feel a bit more of a connection between the characters. Still a cute game to check in and play a few days every now and again. ToV is the first Tales game I played followed by Abyss. I haven’t beaten either of them and I sold my Abyss copy (OTZ) and my xbox red ringed so I got the switch version. I think I’m halfway or 3/4 the way through tho! ACNH is ACNH. I want to redo my island, but I am lazy. I do pop in from time to time to play the dlc. Pearl was my first pokemon game and I actually beat it as a kid! I’m still 50/50 about the art style, but I want to replay with the modern baby qol updates. I know some people hate that the games got easier, but I do like them since I don’t like grinding and I am stupid. Ni No Kuni II I started a while ago, and was really into for a month and haven’t played it since. I wanted to get the first one, but with my mom dying this year I don’t know if I could handle a game about a dying or sick mom.

Maybe I'll update list when more announcements come or make some hopes and wants when direct/e3 rumors start to pop out.