The main hub for a rundown of my ocs and draws. Above will have pages for each story and below will have a breif rundown and some comments. All are majory wips, but hopefully some draws, comics and maybe even games will become of them!

Animal Girls

This is more of just a group of ocs that have similar features of well animal parts. They can have animal ears/tails, but nothing much other than that. More slice of life stories about friendship and lesbians :) Still no offical title esp since not all of them are connected to each other.

Alien Roommates

Funky lil aliens come to Earth and befriend humans.

Charile and Friends

Cliffnotes: Charlie, Short for Charlotte, works part time at a bakery as she finished up her student teaching. One day to her night class she sees a girl zooming by on a broomstick! A witch? Charlie is introduced in to the world of magic!

Everdybody has to have normal girl meets witches/wizards and learns magic story lol. Still debating if I want to have sub/sidestory be included in the umbrella or make them their own thing. Still need a real title but if i go the more side stories route I guess it coiuld be Charlie and friends lmao.

Fiber Arts Club

Group of college girls that bond over the shared interest of fiber arts!

RPG Girls

Literally just RPG tropes saving the world from big bad but they are all girls and all love each other. Maybe it will be more, but currently an elf princess lost her kingdom and is on the run while trying to take back her kingdom from the evil witch. Mostly just fun to doodle fantasy ideas out.

Ghost girls

Cliffnotes: Follows a group of 20 somethings reconnecting after losing contact after high school. They realize what happened senior year isnt going to end until they put a stop to it.

Still a huge work in progress. I have some shitty rushed character bios here. I hope to get character refs done soonish. Still need a real name for the project too lol