I am Caitlin(she/her)! I'm 24 and a special ed teacher! In my spare time I like to draw, crochet, and play games.

Most of my art is about my ocs! I group them together by "story/project" or common features like supernatural powers, fantasy, mudane, etc. I hope to make some comics in the near future. I also would like to make a lil game or animations of them too! To learn more about them check out my art page! Still a huge work in progress.

Crochet is my current hobby at the moment! I first learned how in jr high with the basics, but didn't pick it up much until college. I've created a few big projects by following patterns and creating my own. I hope to share patterns in the future. I love creating amigurumi (stuffed toys) and bags. I have created wearables, blankets, and decor items too. Really, I love all crocheted goods. I have a few of the pieces I love under gallery. I also have resources listed if you would like to learn! Crochet is so much fun and I think everyone should learn!

I go through periods of gaming but my top 3 favorite games are Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Style Savvy. I LOVE cozy games, life simulation, and puzzle games. I'm always open to new game recs or playing with people. I have a nintendo switch and steam! Please @ or DM if you add me FC: SW-5038-6732-1031 and Steam id: soupcozy.

Also, while my site doesn't have any super adult content I am an adult that will talk about adult things/content somethimes! I will spoiler/tagg it when it comes up, just a warning.

It's probs apparent that I'm learning/bruteforcing my way in coding so this site is a major wip and some things may be a lil buggy/shitty. It doesn't help I usually update at like 3am. So, please bare with me and if you have any helpful links/a better fix don't be afriad to shoot me a message!